Next Class - May 2017! 

Everyone wants to look and feel good for summer. Join us to make changes that will last a lifetime. If you are frustrated with past weight loss efforts or you want to teach your body how to burn fat for fuel, this course is for you. This 9-week course will be held on Monday evenings May 8 to July 17th (Memorial Day and June 26th off) from 5:30 pm to 6:30pm at the All Saints Episcopal Church at 3448 N Taft Ave., Loveland, CO 80538.

Class dates:

May 8, 15, 22, (no class 29)

June 5, 12, 19, (no class 26)

July 3 (unless class members are on vacation), 10, 17

(We may need to extend the class one week to July 24 due to 4th of July.) 

The goal of the course is to help you learn how to train your body to be fat burning for life. No special foods to purchase. No vitamin supplements required. No public weekly weigh ins. No gimmicks.

A few words from past participants:

"Well, after 7 weeks, including a ten-day vacation in Hawaii, I'm down 8 lbs; 4 inches off my waist; 1 inch off my hips and my A1c went from 5.9 three months ago to 5.6.  WOW is all I have to say...THANK YOU!"

"I was afraid to start 'just another weight loss program.' Learning about how sugar is so terrible for us - I had no clue!! I love not counting calories, eating more fat AND losing weight. I felt great the whole time."

The class is $225 per person. Want to take the journey with a friend? Register two people at the same time for a total of $390. Our pilot studies and previous classes have shown that it is much easier to be successful when taking the Fat Burning journey with a significant other or friend.

Gale Bernhardt, co-author of the book, Become a Fat-Burning Machine, is the course presenter. The book will be provided as part of the course fee for reference; however, over 90% of the material in the 9-week course is not in the book. Some of the topics include:

  • Setting yourself up for success
  • Why Fat Burners don’t count calories
  • Learn the difference between fat-burning foods and fat-storing foods
  • What are carbs? What are the best breads, cereals and crackers to eat?
  • What is a fat? Are all fats created equal?
  • Miracle Intervals – why they work
  • The myth of fat-free eating
  • Fear of failure
  • Exercise should not be torture
  • Insulin resistance is making you gain weight even though you try to diet and exercise
  • How to personalize fat burning guidelines
  • 5 steps to beat sugar addiction
  • Food, hormones and hunger
  • Which nuts are the best?
  • Sorting hunger from emotions
  • How to eat before, during and after exercise
  • Are artificial sweeteners better or worse than sugar?
  • You’re in control
  • Tips for advanced Fat Burning Machines
  • And more!

It doesn’t matter if you are currently exercising or not, there will be information for you. Exercise is not required for you to be successful, but a small amount of exercise (surprisingly small!) will accelerate your results.

The course uses some of the foundation principles in the book Become a Fat-Burning Machine, but includes much more information and help for addressing individual needs.

Success stories from people using the book have appeared in multiple news outlets, including co-author Mike Berland’s 70-pound weight loss, Paula Moan’s story of a 50-pound weight loss and Jan Ruess’s 63-pound weight loss.  The diet has been covered by ABC News, and Fox’s Dr. Manny to name a few. Others have lost 12 to 20 pounds, including new mom Alisha Hall,  Linda and Ron Kennedy. You can find more testimonials here.

Class size is a minimum of 6 and limited to 20 so that participants can get the full benefit of Gale’s expertise. There will be class time allocated to discussion and problem solving. We will also have a participant-only page for Q&A issues that come up between classes. Class fee includes:

  • A copy of Become a Fat-Burning Machine book
  • A personal binder for handouts and journaling
  • Weekly lessons and downloads
  • Your questions answered by Gale - personalize the program to meet your goals and needs.

Still have questions? Email Gale at

Reserve your spot today by dropping Gale an email and sending a check to Gale Bernhardt Consulting Inc., 2433 Logan Dr., Loveland CO  80538.

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