The Best Triathlon, Mountain Bike and Cycling Training Plans

You deserve to have a plan designed by a coach with a long history of success. For years, thousands of athletes have achieved success using Gale Bernhardt's plans. Gale takes great pride in delivering high-value, ready-to-use training plans that produce results. These training plans are based on years of experience, coaching athletes at the highest level of sport in triathlon, road racing and mountain bike racing. The principles used to train some of the best athletes on the planet can work for you too. Accept no substitute for plans with proven success.

Gale's online, ready-to-use training plans are ideal training guides for self-coached athletes. Athlete feedback constantly reveals that Gale's plans are the best. If you want a training plan to follow on your own schedule, with the ability to make modifications to suit your personal needs, these ready-to-use training plans are for you.

You can use a training plan to gain foundation fitness, for an off-season training guide, for an event or just to get fit enough to do your own self-designed event. Maybe you just want a guide to get you fit again. Use the training plan to help you meet your goals. 

There are four main categories of ready-to-use plans including triathlon, cycling, mountain biking and running. Each training plan’s title describes the goal of the plan in a few words and the range of weekly training hours required to complete the plan. In the plan description you will find the number of weeks of training included in the plan and an athlete profile for that particular plan. The athlete profile describes the current skills and abilities for the athlete that would benefit from utilizing the plan.

Additionally, in the plan description page, you will find a sample of one week of training for that particular plan. There is also a snapshot of what the online training log looks like, including sample graphs.

If you don’t fit the profile exactly, don’t worry because the online system allows you modify and move workouts. For example, if you want to do your first triathlon and you come from a strong cycling back ground you may want to increase the cycling time in the beginner’s plan while keeping the swimming and running workouts as shown in the plan. If the plan shows Friday as a day off and you would rather have Saturday off, just move the workouts.

At the bottom of this website page you will find a Supporting Documents link. You can view these documents now, before plan purchase. After you purchase the plan you will receive an email giving you instructions how to download the training plan to your personal account and you will also receive the supporting documents as part of the download so they are easier for you to view at any time.

Whether you are looking for a plan to build base fitness or a plan that takes you up to race day, Gale has personally designed each plan to help you along the training process so you can successfully meet your goal.

Trust your success to a coach with proven success. Accept nothing less.

The online training plans are a great value and you receive:

  • A state-of-the-art online training system.
  • A multi-week, professionally-developed training plan that includes specific workouts designed to help you succeed.
  • The flexibility to modify the plan to fit your personal needs.
  • A daily log that tracks items such as workout time, accomplishment of weekly goals, fatigue indicators, workout distance and a comment section.
  • Weekly summaries for categories including hours trained, miles logged running, resting pulse, body weight and more.
  • An online forum where you can share success and challenges with others using the same training plan. I will address questions on the forum to help you and other athletes using the plan. The forum is also searchable.

If you select one of the training plans offered on this site, you receive a 10% discount. Because of the discount opportunity, we cannot offer refunds. However, if you want the flexibility of a full refund and a bigger selection of training plans, see Gale's personal page on the TrainingPeaks website.

You may notice some of the training plans are familiar because they appeared in Triathlete magazine or one Gale's books Training Plans for Multisport Athletes, Training Plans for Cyclists, Bicycling for Women or Triathlon Training Basics. You can use the books to compliment the online version of the training plan, but you do not have to purchase a book in addition to the training plan. Know that in many cases, the online plans include new workouts, so the details of online daily workouts may not match the print version.

Gale looks forward to helping you succeed – you are why she loves this work.

Let’s get started.




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