About Gale Bernhardt

Helping people improve health and performance are Gale Bernhardt’s primary goals. This site is dedicated to helping endurance athletes with health and performance goals. Her second site, www.fat-burning-machine.com is dedicated to helping people from all walks of life lose unwanted weight and improve health. She is absolutely dedicated to helping  people get the right information and tools to succeed.

You can find out a bit about her personal dietary changes, moving to a higher fat diet in 1990, at this link. A story about how the silent killer, heart disease, can take the life of athletes can be found at this link. Within the silent killer story is a link to a survival story.

If you are interested in getting faster or successfully completing an endurance event, you’re in the right place. Who is Gale and how does she help?

Gale helps all levels of endurance athletes succeed through books, ready-to-use online training plans, consulting and one-on-one personal coaching. She has helped thousands of athletes reach fitness and race goals. Athlete feedback says she provides the best training plans and she is the best personal coach to help busy athletes achieve triathlon or cycling goals. She can help you achieve your goals.  

Gale’s first Olympic experience was as the personal cycling coach for an individual cyclist at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. Her athlete, Nicole Freedman, won the 2000 USA Cycling Pro National Championship race, which was also an Olympic team selection event. Winning this event meant a secure spot on the 2000 Olympic team.

In 2004 Gale was selected from a small number of top coaches to be the 2004 USA Triathlon Olympic Coach for both the men's and women's triathlon teams for the Athens, Greece Olympic Games. This honor was in addition to the selection by USA Triathlon to serve as the 2003 Pan American Games Coach for both the men's and women's teams.

In 2014 she was honored by being selected as one of Men's Fitness Magazine's top six online trainers for providing dedicated workouts and advice for athletes.

Gale has instructed or coached athletes since 1974. She has a BS degree from Colorado State University, is certified as a Level I Coach by USA Cycling and a Level III Coach by USA Triathlon. These are the highest certifications available in both sports. She was among the first, small, group of Level III triathlon coaches certified. She served on the USA Triathlon National Coaching Committee from 2000 to 2006. She served as the committee chair-elect, immediately after joining the committee and went on to serve as the chairperson for five consecutive years.

She served as one of only a select, few USA Triathlon World Cup coaches. Her success and experience lead her to being selected as a World Cup Coach for the International Triathlon Union (ITU) Sport Development squad. She has worked internationally for the ITU as a World Cup coach and presenting at coaching clinics and corporate team championships.

Gale is active herself, participating in a wide range of sports. She is a 14-time Leadville 100 Mountain Bike finisher, earning the coveted 1,000-mile “big belt buckle.” She is also a finsher of the fabled Breck Epic mountain bike stage race where women were only 14% of the field and DNF rates were near 25%. Epic indeed.

Whether you are training to complete an event or compete at an event, you can use the same training principles that elite athletes use to improve your fitness. Gale makes it easy to succeed with her books and ready-to-use training plans for several different event distances and athletic goals.

You can find plenty of supplemental information to help you succeed in her books Training Plans for Multisport Athletes, Triathlon Training Basics, Bicycling for Women, Training Plans for Cyclists and Swimmers and Become a Fat-Burning Machine.

Gale created the unique Workouts in a Binder® product line and co-authored the first edition of Workouts in a Binder® for Triathletes, which quickly sold-out four printings. These handy waterproof workout cards help athletes and coaches optimize workouts and designed to prevent destruction from water, sweat and dirt. This product line is constantly expanding to include new workouts and new authors.