• NO LONGER AVAILABLE IN PRINT - Workouts in a Binder® for Swimmers, Triathletes, and Coaches (Workouts in a Binder® Series)


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This book is part of the popular Workouts in a Binder® Series because the pages are printed on special waterproof. You can take this book to pool deck will be perfectly fine. No more workouts in plastic bags on the pool deck.

This waterproof book of 100 swim workouts offers swimmers and triathletes a wide variety of structured workouts to improve swimming fitness, technique, and speed. Using all four competitive swim strokes (freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly), swimmers and triathletes will strengthen more of their swimming muscles than by swimming freestyle alone.

Nationally recognized swimming coaches Nick and Eric Hansen offer 6 effective training plans to improve fitness and speed. Triathletes, masters, and collegiate swimmers will swim long-distance, middle-distance, sprint, IM, and stroke workouts to improve all swimming abilities.

Choose between a standard “A workout” and a modified “B workout,” for those with less time or stamina. Spiral bound and printed on durable, waterproof cards, these swim workouts are specially designed to be used and abused at the pool.