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Shipped from me, you can request a signed copy of this book. For yourself or a friend, you may request a special inscription in addition to the signature.

I wrote this book as a resource for women looking to begin a cycling program or to improve performance. Admittedly, I do not train women, as a group, differently than men. The training plans in this book can be used by women or by men.

In the book you will find five training plans for events. These events can be self-staged or you can enter a publically marketed event. There are plans for 50-mile rides or metric centuries, century rides, improved time trial performance and improved hill climbing. My proven training plans have helped tens of thousands of self-coached athletes reach their goals. In this book you will find daily workouts to guide you to success.

I’m certain it is no surprise to you that though some women are capable of handling training loads equal to men, there are differences between men and women. This book is chocked full of information specific to female anatomy, menstrual cycles, pregnancy and exercise, the masters cyclist, comfort and safety.

If you’re looking for a book specifically written for women interested in cycling performance, this book is for you.


"It would take a female rider about 10 years of whispered group ride conversation to accumulate the knowledge in Bicycling for Women." — Women’s Adventure magazine

Bicycling for Women is the most thorough female-specific book about how to get the proper fit on a bike, how to train, how to stretch, how to eat and how to deal with the aging process that I have ever come across. This book is packed with good advice.” — Cycling for Boomers

“Knowledge is power and Gale Bernhardt packs enough information on bike fit, training programs, heart rate zones and nutrition to propel a casual cyclist to the next level…It’s taken five years to learn about the measurements of bikes and my own physique, a process that could have been much more efficient had I been armed with the first chapter of Bicycling for Women…For those inspired to either pick up a bike for the first time or itching to push themselves further, Bicycling for Women provides a well-rounded guide to the unique world of women’s cycling.” — DailyPeloton.com