• One-on-One Personal Coaching

    Gale Bernhardt

  • $275.00

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If you are looking for personalized coaching from a coach with years of proven results, one-on-one coaching is for you. One-on-one coaching is a personal service for the busy, goal-oriented athlete.

I work with a limited number of one-on-one athletes to ensure a high quality of service. Your training plan is customized to you, your goals, abilities and lifestyle. Custom training optimizes results.

The process begins with you filling out a number of information-gathering forms including health history, racing history, athletic goals, mental skills profile, natural abilities profile, available equipment, available facilities and a one day log of fuel intake. In addition to these forms, I request a copy of your last six weeks of training. You can send me Word or Excel files of your training or give me access to your online training log.

After reviewing all of the information, I assemble a list of questions to ask you in our initial discovery conversation. This conversation usually takes between 90 and 120 minutes.

After I know details about your personal history, goals and racing limiters, I design a custom training plan to optimize your fitness and workout time. In my business, a “custom training plan” means custom. You will not find pre-built training weeks administered to multiple athletes, like you will find with other coaching services claiming “custom training.” I have never written two custom schedules alike, even if two athletes have the same set of goal events. You deserve a premium product.

The plan is administered online so you have easy access to a multitude of tools, including device downloads, and I can monitor your progress daily. You receive regular feedback maintained by email and/or phone or Skype. Contact with me is unlimited and Skype or phone calls within the United States are included in the fee.

This premium, personal service is a $275 start-up fee and $4000 prepaid for 24 weeks or $750 per four weeks. Prepayment is fully refundable at any time on a prorated schedule.

(If you prefer saving on PayPal fees, you can send checks instead. This option puts the start-up fee at $250, prepaid 24 weeks of personal coaching at $3,800 or $725 per four weeks.)

To inquire about the current availability of this service, contact Gale at gale@galebernhardt.com.