• Telephone Consulting for Self-Coached Endurance Athletes

    Gale Bernhardt

  • $120.00

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Many athletes find success using a training plan from one of my books or one of the online, electronic versions. Others enjoy the challenge of self-coaching. Whether you are using one of my plans or you have designed your own plan, sometimes it would be nice to ask questions and get reliable answers from someone with proven skills and results. You don’t want to leave your important goals to chance answers from random people on a message board. That would be like taking financial advice from someone in line at the grocery store that tells you they have “had experience managing money. “

You can get your questions answered directly from me.

Telephone, Zoom or Skype consulting can be arranged for $225 per hour or $120 per 30 minutes. To help you optimize your investment and allow me to be prepared for your call, I request that you send me a list of your basic questions ahead of the scheduled meeting. Of course you can ask more questions during the call, I want to help you successfully reach your goals.  

Email me directly at gale@galebernhardt.com to schedule a time to discuss your questions.