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Shipped from me, you can request a signed copy of this book. For yourself or a friend, you may request a special inscription in addition to the signature.

Triathlon Training Basics is written for the reader new to the sport of triathlon. I wanted athletes, or soon-to-be athletes to know you don’t have to give up your life to train for a triathlon. In fact, you can go from zero fitness to a sprint-distance event in 12 week on no more than 4.5 hours of total training per week. Most weeks are lower than that. If you already possess some level of fitness and you want to get started on triathlon, there is a plan for you with the biggest training week at 8 hours. For each of you, the soon-to-be fit and the currently fit, there are also plans for Olympic distance triathlons.

Not ready to bite off a triathlon on your own – or – you are really pinched for time? There are six-week training plans for individuals looking to participate as a team member in a sprint or Olympic distance triathlon. Yes, plans for those with zero current fitness and separate plans for those with some current fitness.

In addition to detailed daily workouts there is a chapter dedicated to an introduction to the sport, equipment needed, using intensity to gain fitness, stretching photos, strength training photos and how to fit everything together to be successful.

If have no doubt that given the right program and guidance, a triathlon is possible for anyone. This book is designed to be that first step.