• Positively Influential Gale Bernhardt Training Plans

    If you enjoy the challenge of being a self-coached athlete, then a very influential Gale Bernhardt training plan may be the key to your thriving success. Gale completely understands that sometimes people like to ask a reliable source for personal training questions without committing to a long-term coaching arrangement. She knows that typically, a consulting session is just the thing most self-prescribed athletes need. Gale has over two decades of experience coaching athletes and pointing them in the right direction. She is a master in aiding ambitious sports enthusiasts reach goals ranging from the Olympic Games to just completing a first event. We want you to know that this intelligent and passionate coach has a proven track record with proven results!

    The level of success and experience she's been through has lead her to being selected as a World Cup Coach for the International Triathlon Union (ITU) Sport Development squad. This speaks volumes about her positivity and her ability to connect on an emotional level with ambitious athletes. As a World Cup coach, she was presented at coaching clinics and corporate team championships. So whether you are training to complete an event or compete at an event, you can use the same training techniques that prestigious athletes use to improve your fitness. Gale makes it easy to succeed with her books and ready-to-use Gale Bernhardt training plans.

    She is a pro at aiding endurance athletes with the emotional ammunition they need to succeed. This is her primary business mission and she accomplishes this goal through books, ready-to-use online training plans, consulting and one-on-one personal coaching. She has helped thousands of athletes reach fitness and race goals, as she can help you achieve your desires with confidence!  


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