• Swim Options for an Olympic Distance Triathlon Plan

    During a consulting session, an athlete using my Olympic Distance Triathlon Beginner Plan asked about doing some longer swims for the Saturday sessions. I told him I would post some alternative main set workouts here in the blog.

    For those of you using my book, Triathlon Training Basics, these swims can be used for the plan in Chapter 7, Fit Beginner Plan for an Olympic Distance Triathlon.

    On Saturday swim workouts, there is a repeating pattern of 4-8 x 200s. The intention is that as you gain fitness, you can bump the number of 200s that you do up - or - if you have endurance, average speed can increase. The swims below are intended to be a substitute for the 200s only. That is, keep the fast 50s that follow the 200s for all the swims noted below. (As well as keeping the designated warm-up and cool down.)


    Week 8:  3-5 x 300 (20-30 second rest interval)

    Week 9: 2-4 x 400 (20-30 second rest interval)

    Week 10: 800 or 1000, recover 1 minute, 500 - aim to make the 500 pace slightly faster than the 800 or 1000 pace. A second option is to swim 1500 steady, negative-split.

    Week 11: 1-3 x 500 (20-30 second rest interval)

    These options are for triathletes looking to build confidence swimming longer distances. Also, if you want more swim workout options, look at the waterproof book Swim Workouts for Triathletes.

    Those of you using one of the plans, let me know how it goes.

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