• Comparison of gear inches for a 1x11 on a 29er and 27.5 mountain bike

    In the last post, I included a gear-inch chart for comparing 1x11 and 2x10 gear inches for a mountain bike with 29-inch wheels. The post generated plenty of good discussion and comments on the blog and Facebook as well.

    One of the comments was that switching from 2x10 to 1x11 is made easier on the low range of the gears if you also switch from 29-inch wheels to 27.5-inch wheels. So, I created a chart so you could see the comparative differences for gearing.

    The discussion of going from one wheel size to the other is an entirely different blog.


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    • Tim says...

      About to make the switch from 29 to 27.5 and have been chewing on my drivetrain choices. Your charts are a great resource.

      Help me understand something:

      If all other things remain constant (i.e. rider power, crank length, gearing, etc), and only the wheel diameter changes, then the lever that is the radius of the wheel is easier to overcome given equal gearing choices. so as we speak in terms of gear inches, can we really interpolate anything in terms of how the bike “feels” to pedal?

      As I am looking at moving from a 2×10 setup to a 1×11 setup, I notice that I am will be forced to give up some range. If the wheel radius lever is smaller, thus requiring less power (given constant gearing), then wouldnt it throw the whole thing out of whack, and you would want stay higher geared if down sizing wheels? It seems that gear inches are only comparable when fixing the lever.


      On March 26, 2015

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