• My Fat-Burning Machine Nutrition Details for the Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race

    For those of you that want the facts first and details later, let's dive in with a summary:

    • I had my second best Leadville 100 Mountain Bike time at 10:09:56. I consider this a huge success because the race was HOT this year. This year was my 11th finish, so I am very familiar with what it takes to compete at, and complete the race.
    • For the first time ever, I was at race weight in March. By race day, I was three pounds lighter than any other previous year. Achieving my fighting weight was relatively easy. I did have to change some things I did; but, I didn't starve myself and I didn't feel deprived.
    • During the race, I consumed 73 calories per hour. This was a combination of sports drink and sports nutrition chews. (No gels.) Because breakfast was less than two hours before race start time, I count those calories as part of my race nutrition. Including breakfast, this bumps my calories per hour of racing up to 109. Yes, you are reading that right, just over 100 calories per hour and that's because I trained my body to be a Fat-Burning Machine.
    • I consumed 18 ounces of fluid per hour of racing. Counting coffee and water consumed pre-race, fluid consumption for the race was roughly 22 ounces per hour of racing.
    • I felt great the entire race. That means I had no nutrition issues at all. Of course I was tired from pushing the pace, but I was happy to not have one issue with fluid or fuel.

    As many of you know, I have been working on a new book Fat-Burning Machine: The 12-Week Plan with co-author Mike Berland. The book is scheduled for publication the end of December 2015. Amazon is taking pre-orders now.

    In the book is a detailed strategy (based on multiple research studies) for how to turn your body into a Fat-Burning Machine by combining nutrition and exercise principles. The synchronization of both nutrition and exercise optimizes the results.

    If you:

    • are frustrated by your lack of ability to lose weight, in spite of the fact that you exercise.
    • are frustrated with stomach issues during training or racing.
    • are interested in a nutrition and exercise strategy that not only improves athletic performance; but also considers at optimal health markers.

    Then, consider applying for our second group of fat burners. Our first group of fat burners included a wide range of people. One fat burner was an obese non-exerciser and she has now lost 40 pounds. For the first time in years she can ride a bike again! We have other fat burners that are competitive age group endurance athletes (road racers, triathletes and ultra-distance cyclists). These fat burners have had successful weight loss in the 10-pound range and perhaps equally important, all of them are having success with training and race nutrition. No more GI (gastrointestinal) issues!

    We're taking a limited number of people into the second group. This group will receive information and support ahead of the book publication.

    Find out more by going to this link.


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    • Jeri Garfinkel says...

      I am 58, run, bike, swim, gym… I quit racing because of GI issues.
      I feel I eat healthy, and am 10 lbs or more over weight and just can’t budge it. I ordered your book for my Kindle and can’t wait. My New Years project. I would love to be in your group.

      On December 28, 2015

    • Cissy Petty says...

      I want to be a part of your success…and make it my own!
      Dr. Cissy Petty
      New Orleans, LA

      On December 28, 2015

    • Kim Bartholomew says...

      I am very interested in being in your second group. I am a 56 year old trying to keep my cholesterol down using exercise and diet ( vegan). My husband and I have been triathletes for about 8 years but we both still struggle with our weight. Let me know if there is another way to apply for this training group.

      On October 10, 2015

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