• Training plan mistakes made by beginner, intermediate and advanced triathletes and cyclists

    I was recently asked the most common training program mistakes made by endurance cyclists and triathletes when they are self-coached. The answer was easy, I’ve seen many repeats of these errors in the last two months:

    Beginner: The most common error I see among new cyclists and triathletes is no consistency of workouts until the last three or four weeks prior to the event. Missed workouts in the six to two months prior to the race cannot be made up in the last month. Attempting to cram too much volume into the three or four weeks prior to the race leaves the athlete tired and flat.

    Intermediate: This athlete is determined to do more training. They are so determined that they end up doing too many long workouts. The many long workouts with a limited recovery plan indeed gives the intermediate athlete enough endurance to complete the event, but due to fatigue the athlete is too slow to make cut-off times.

    Advanced: The advanced athlete has been racing and is bound and determined to get faster. This athlete makes the mistake of trying to do it all, all the time. Too many high intensity workouts, combined with long workouts with intensity leaves this racer tired and flat on race day. It is not uncommon for this athlete to see the best results of the season some three weeks after their “big race” because volume and volume of intensity have been reduced to levels that bring about positive rather than negative results.

    Plan your training program wisely to avoid race day disappointment.

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