• Are E-Bikes a Death Sentence for Strava?

    A few years back I wrote a column titled, “Liars, Cheaters and Thieves in Your Sport.”  The column looked at why people lie, cheat and steal. Why do people cut courses? Why do people skip paying entry fees?

    More recently we’ve had drug use among these amateurs and now motors in bikes or e-bikes. People seek an advantage. They excuse themselves from wrong-doing by claiming others are doing “it” too and they are just leveling the playing field.

    One of the attractions of Strava is that cyclists and runners can measure best times on particular segments against themselves and against others. King and Queen of the Mountain designations are given to those with overall best times. Special badges are also given by time in age and weight categories.

    Now road cyclists and mountain bikers alike note suspicious segment achievements for riders. Are these achievements earned by training or boosted by e-bikes?

    As e-bikes become more popular, will their increased use spell a death sentence for Strava?

    What do you think?

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