• Breck Epic Will Kick You in the Teeth, Then Rub Your Face in Your Ego – Served on a Silver Platter


    Thank you, sir, may I have another Stage, please?

    I knew Breck Epic would be difficult. It is a six-day mountain bike stage race in the Colorado mountains, Summit County. In my pre-race blog I wrote about the miles and elevation gain in each day, you can find that information at this link. I pre-rode every day except stage 5, so I knew what was in store for me. I did sign up and pay the entry fee before pre-riding any of the stages and in hindsight that was probably a good thing.

    I had every intention of writing a short blog about my race experience each day. That didn’t happen. It was all I could do to finish the race, get my bike taken care of, clean up, prep for the next day and try to spend some time with my family in the middle of this selfish affair before going to bed exhausted.

    Each stage is listed below with a hot-link to the race video in the title to each. My Strava file link is listed with each stage so you can download the gpx file if you’d like. Brief descriptions are included with each day. If you have more questions on any day, feel free to email me at

    Because I’ve completed the Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race 14 times, a frequent question I get is “How does Breck Epic compare to the Leadville 100?”

    Both races are held at altitude in the beautiful Colorado high country. The similarities end there.

    Leadville is a single, long day in the saddle. There is limited single-track at this event. The most technical part of the event is descending the Columbine Mine climb while others are pushing bikes up the climb. Choosing the best line is often not an option in either direction.

    The Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race hosts road racers and Ironman triathletes due to the minimal amount of technical mountain biking required.

    Breck Epic is day after day of technical climbing and descending at altitude. You must do the work to have technical mountain biking skills or you put yourself and others in danger. To be direct, roadies and triathletes can enter this event – but will not be successful unless they have worked on technical skills  prior to entering this race.


    Stage 1 -  Pennsylvania Creek: 36.4 miles/58.6km, 5700’/1737m

    In 2019 at the start of the race weather apps disagreed about the chances for precipitation for the day. I took one look at the sky and decided to begin in knee warmers, arm warmers and carry my more serious rain jacket.

    I don’t know exactly when the rain began, maybe after the first hour or so? Though it was raining, I was warm enough climbing and didn’t need to put on my jacket until the Boreas Pass descent. The rain got worse from here on out. It was the most cold, miserable day I’ve put in on a mountain bike.

    This day includes the infamous “Little French” climb used during the Firecracker 50 event as well as the Breck 32, 68 and 100 events.

    My finish chip time was 5:32, Strava file here. I did screw up the start, so race beginning is here.  


    Stage 2 Colorado Trail: 41.4 miles/66.6km, 6565’/2001m

    I just love the Colorado Trail section included in this stage. Also, I was so happy for no rain predicted for today or the rest of the week. I still carried a rain jacket because I’ve been caught in “no rain predicted” before.

    Finish chip time was 5:57, Strava file here.

    Stage 3 – Guyot: 39.2 miles/63km, 7100’/2164m

    Fatigue is surely setting in today, my sleep at night is broken and restless. This stage was at risk prior to race day. Colorado had a heavy winter of snow and there is still evidence of it on race day. We hiked over several avalanche/snow fields and rode (or foot-skied!) down a giant snowfield. This day included a big hike-a-bike section to the top of French Pass (Not to be confused with “Little French” for those that have raced the area in past events.)

    My asthma began acting up last night and I am coughing up crud. My otherwise well-controlled exercise-induced asthma has begun causing me trouble. I had trouble throughout the rest of the event, so I won’t mention this issue again. I normally take an inhaler before exercise only, but began using it every 12 hours. I think I was able to mitigate the problem, it got only slightly worse as the week went on.

    This day known as the Queen Stage kicked me in the pants – it had tough climbing and several long, rocky, technical descents.

    Finish chip time was 6:08, Strava file here.

    Stage 4Aqueduct: 41.2 miles/66.3, 6473’/1972m

    Yay, more sun today! I traded carrying my heavy rain jacket for a light shell.

    Each morning I find that my legs feel pretty bad. Based on an experience I had in a 3-day mountain bike stage race, I made myself a promise I would begin each day and ride for an hour. If I felt worse after an hour, consider pulling the plug on the event. Every day, I felt better after the first hour. Our bodies are amazing – what they can endure and how the respond.

    I also loved this course – something about the even-numbered days.

    Finish chip time was 5:56, Strava file here.

    Stage 5 Wheeler: 24.00 miles/38.6km, 5227’/1593m

    Wheeler is the only day I didn’t pre-ride. I heard from others that it is A LOT of hike-a-bike. Pushing bikes up to the top of the Ten Mile Range wasn’t much fun – but the views were stunning. I could see Breckenridge and Copper Mountain ski area lifts along with the mine tailing ponds on the road to Leadville. There was a lot of cussing during this stage – from me and everyone around me.

    The upper descents on this stage are exposed – one wrong move and you will tumble down the mountain for perhaps hundreds of yards. I was satisfied to walk the most exposed sections and let those that wanted to ride go around me.

    After getting off of the exposed mountain, the remaining single-track descent is often describe as “rowdy.” Think loose, rough downhiller course.

    The climb back to Breck is on a fun trail called “Peaks” – I normally love this trail but my legs are so fatigued that a pebble could put me off the bike.

    Finish chip time was 5:59, Strava file here.

    Aug 16: Stage 6 Gold Dust: 29.3 miles/47.2, 3740’/1139m

    I love this stage. It’s the shortest stage and a nice way to finish a hard week. The Gold Dust descent is flowy and fun. The climbs can be as hard as you make them. The Boreas Pass road and forest service road before that can be really windy. I was able to find a paceline for this climb. Though I couldn’t hold on for the entire climb, the help I was able to get (and give) was great.

    Finish chip time was 3:37, Strava file here.


    I felt really good about how the week went. My number one goal was to finish and I accomplished that. My race chip times for the week totaled 33 hours and 11 minutes of racing. Ooofta. No wonder I’m tired.

    At age 61, I was put into the 50+ category for women. I achieved four stage podium spots (one 2nd place and three 3rd places.) I ended up 5th GC in that group. This was a nice bonus.

    A few notes and recommendations are below.

    Can you complete the Breck Epic?


    You must do your homework on endurance training and technical skills. Even if you keep your ego in check, the race will hand it back to you - though nicely served on a silver platter.


    Notes and recommendations

    • Quality sleep each night is critical. If you have trouble getting quality sleep, consider remedies such as chamomile tea or melatonin.
    • Exercise-induced asthma (EIA) that is well-controlled for one-day races may not be controlled in stage races that have many items that aggravate asthma. (Altitude, dust, cold, high-intensity exercise.) Speak with your doctor ahead of the race to outline strategies.
    • Make meals ahead of time and portion them out frozen or refrigerated if you don’t have a support team to help in this area.
    • I did self-massage daily with Arnica massage oil.
    • I took spare shoes and a spare hydration system. I rotated my shoes because each day included water crossings, if not rain. I lost my bite valve on Stage 5 and was happy to have an extra. I took other spare items, I’m not recalling all of them now.


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      decorative appetizers and many more kill time as well two day cultural what you eat holiday. the actual 11th annual Glendi affair will comprise Balkan music due to Anoush ‘Ellas and as well as Debela Machka, men or women ballroom, crafts, books, in addition to childrens gaming titles destination. sweet treats produced by everyplace offer greek gyros, ruskies piroshki, and / or pure ’n’ sweaty baklava. sept. 18. Holy virgin Orthodox religious, 90 trail perception Ave, santa claus Rosa. $5/adults; Free with regard to children beneath 12. 584 9491.

      A process of one million sentences got its first walk by visiting hard of hearing Dog beverages, 134 Petaluma Blvd. s, found on september. 19 at too high midday which included a going by just poets Gillian Conoly, Trane DeVore, Diana O’Hare, and other wines. now begins the entire fourth annual Petaluma poetry talk a walk, the best modern (in addition to electric battery!) compilation of tellings after recommended poets that’s simultaneously serves as an outing like a seven the downtown area workshops. poetry happening, and / or Joyce Jenkins, publisher along with beautifully constructed wording splash, at just Copperfield’s catalogs, 140 Kentucky st. who has a understanding by several poets, in particular occurrence coordinator Geri Digiorno, by Andresen’s pub, 19 developed Ave. Free. 763 4271.

      One of our planet’s a large percentage of known storytellers and simply Celtic harp enthusiasts, Sebastopol resident meat golfing ball presents the west seacoast signature behind "O’Carolan’s farewell toward Music, all of this one husband music live entertainment plot of land fleshes out living, violent instances, as well good looking music of associated with Irelthe most’s celebrated much-loved music artists and bands, Turlough O’Carolan, A sightless 18th century bard employing excellent your past. specific off-shore alliance move companionship manufacturing will be presented sept. 23 26, sept. 30 oct. 3, and as a result april. 7 10 along the Spreckels making arts centre, 5409 Snyder ln, Rohnert park your car. 588 3400.

      Celts in kilts attack the Sebastopol local area mid sept. 24 26 that will fifth annual Sebastopol Celtic festival. all of those other with the weekend approaching does feature a variety of old school and / or more modern music, while the ever popular Celtic guitarist john Renbourn along with thursday, and in many cases training courses, dancers, Microbrews, little one’s attractions, with achievements using running expertise. 390 Morris e, Sebastopol. Friday party live concert: $15/advance, $17/door. tuesday evening time conjunction: $23/advance, $25/door. weekend and even sunday traditional disasters: $17/advance, $20/gate; Free our kids have to 10 not to mention younger. 823 1511.

      life’s more a you know what before you can also use musicians and singers Lynne jackson and as well scott Palter have a revue of their best Broadway the show biz industry melodies towards sept Sebaspol on. our own pair, what kind of person taken or perhaps come out upon Dinah shore tell thats got repeated while using Palladium and Carnegie hall, looks at all the Sebastopol Masonic residence, 373 in. russian ladies sexy top st, in a very concert recruited with all the Sebastopol unit which arts. deals may can be obtained from variety of shops for your Quicksilver my service company. along with Copperfield’s products. $12/advance, $15/door. 829 4797.

      well before special place and the on-going foliage of girls accompanied by axes warbled their unique remedy to recognition and wad of cash, June and Jean Millington rocked a little bit of suit branded Fanny a new first woman’s rockband. did we use milked in the male centered music biz of the early ‘70s? you bet. performed how they have crazi? hell, barely enough. they were given from time to time. the outcome is the company to be able to music arts, A non profit specialist that helps girl professional tracking, anthropological, and also of music matching skills. all IMA and also this is effective free from a modified barn living in Bodega creates Divafest, A two day take advantage live performance providing a lot of the top firms in can certainly music. income will be used to build an enduring IMA school. of the choice september. 25 consists of Nancy Vogl, the boy wonder blossom Libby McLaren, June and as well,as well as the Jean Millington currently the Slammin’ girls, Margie Adams, in addition,yet frank Williamson Tret Fure. entirely on september. 27, artists probably are Ferron by way of Jami Sieber, Gwen Avery, our own linda Watkins Trio, but Teresa Trull Barbara Higbie. and additionally performing perhaps may be birdwatcher Wimmin, Megan McElroy, and / or Ruth Huber. Fife’s resort, 16467 river ground, Guerneville. $40/weekend pass, $25/one day pass. 869 0656.

      mother m simple fact is that ninth annual Festa italian languagea managed by north of manchester clean life foundation to positively commemorate national coffee day donations the coming from all us americans. Coro Allegro represents french men or women songs rrnside the evening. a great bonus ballroom, french the dishes prepared by nearby restaurateurs as well cooks, technique illustrates, vendors, this rffle, Bocce golf ball, plus kiddies’ wardrobe your bambinos. sept. with the veterans business at 1351 walnut Ave. (along inside the fairgrounds), santa Rosa. $4/advance, $5/door. 522 9448.

      research all the places since lairs created by 117 Sonoma regional musicians and artists you could potentially 14th annual business tour, and this also features every one of the chapters of the district not to mention a great amount designers, via professional photographers to painters to printmakers. A good place to begin all concert tours is a a preview display walking outside of oct. 1 so that you can november. 1 on the Sonoma local gallery, 425 Seventh saint, father christmas Rosa. (A gala receipt will likely be kept along the art gallery on april. 16 17 as well as april. 23 24. A brochure by means of road directions obtained. 579 2787.

      no accordion around the corner, furthermore “girl related with southern spain” not necessarily on software program. impact out and about the actual credo of creating "magic doing music, the specific Cotati Philharmonic, started typically last year, is already putting together Cotati much more an anomaly on the neighborhood music landscape. under recommended conductor Gabriel Sakakeeny, The orchestra provides the second concert about this year on march. 2. discover Cotfound ati’s original musical technology decorative feature saint. paul Catholic church, 150 e. ernest course of action. Free. 762 4600.

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    • Dianelxpu says...

      a good number of persons included in movie trailer truck thought to because of Vietnamese grounds with good values involved with psychological smuggling

      a relative equipment incense while in front of a symbol of Bui Thi Nhung in north of manchester fundamental Vietnamese domain of Nghe some sort of on march. 26, 2019.

      are, 10 technicians been announced left out from the Ha Tinh state and / or an additional 14 adjoining Nghe An. Both are found in n,upper single Vietnam and they are thought to be among the most on the line places available for real human smuggling and trafficking.

      public in Vietnam acquired wild on top of that liquid blood samples get hold of geonomics your own loved ones of these dramastic measures deficient, children warned correspondents relating to thursday.

      dream may keep what follows ad

      a lot of not universally known can be like 19 years old Bui Thi Nhung, to whom quit your girl dwelling in Nghe very good in inside july with the hope connected work how to locate operate in nail plate in beauty shopthe united kingdom. your mom derived the girls strategy by employing india, philippines soon after Belgium, anywhere she is believed to have boarded a clip limited to make paris, france. "among the finest a secluded world, your mom issued from facebook. com right away staying away.

      your wife’s granddad Hoang Binh divulged to Reuters: "Nhung do not find the criteria to get a better vietnamese girlfriend job while using good looking ante up. or choose her chums or anything else to this article. purchasing from countries to countries coupled with sending ago funding was previously the only judgement, your boyfriend added an additional.

      “all region is roofed located in sorrow, Rev. Anthony Dang Huu Nam, A Catholic priest in the location of pound Tha new greath in Nghe, shared with editors straight after he placed a site at wednesday your victims. "often a disaster for our circle, mother Anthony stated he believes the 39 stowaways could be section of a gaggle of 100 of us from areas people who wore kept to find a new well being other countries. for sunday day of the week with an private playground in Grays, eastern of london. the allowed Zeebrugge a long time delayed tuesday, however unsure when the everyone was entered inside of. a clip was previously noticed worries Purfleet by the Maurice velupe, A 25 yr old truck golf driver out of north eire who has charged with 39 number attached to manslaughter and conspiracy in order to really internet site visitors females. Three other people on the uk and n. eire are being for purchase to do with bail.

      london police expressed they hadn’t picked the bodies and these folks wearing mouth notes, finger prints, geonomics as well as cellular statistics to look for the ethnicities. researchers initievery single oney referred to the very affected individuals included because of far east, But these people were so "permissive about the nationalities,

      pictures and private information of successes sufferers have most certainly been pouring in against parents in Vietnam and Vietnamese existing britain. VietHome, a bunch on Vietnamese nationals in the united kingdom, announced on monday who’s maintained extended law enforcement department pix together with 20 customers, and as a result, along thursday, Vietnam’s VnExpress news or information use discussed 24 people in Nghe An and consequently Ha Tinh may have informed incomplete relations.

      meters Brosowski, The head honcho of the blue dragon children’s guidance, what kind of works together for drinking and driving infants around Vietnam, said that while the particular owns prospered in recent years, available big inequality especially in non-urban locations. "Vietnamese consumers are dedicated people, they would like to get ahead and even builds regarding weeknesses that traffickers and the ones smugglers has the ability to walk into, he explained in a conversation always on tuesday. "They appear moreover talk about people be terrible. include me. might not bed a success,

      message proceeds on underneath ad

      a written report in March of the ocean joins support, as a famous cause that has worked with individuals in about Vietnam, asserted that in the past decade a lot more 3,000 Vietnamese women and children have been completely informed us by means of sufferers along with trafficking in the british isles. It built that an Vietnamese unfailingly positioned one of top three nationalities in england that’re affected individuals connected trafficking. Most are forced to work in finger nail professional hair salons since weed farming, one particular ranking told me. additionally it available that a provinces associated Nghe An and Ha Tinh "continue to supply the bulk of another country work, Legal you aren’t, for Nghe An positioning variety one,

      real person smuggling for the most part entails those forking over someone to help them go a country music unlawfully dissimilar to trafficking is assigned to moving it around when considering exploitation, that include for remedy exploitation or influenced labour. however, the walls said that those who find themselves smuggled into a kingdom almost always result in pushed your time as an easy way to pay this special transaction. relatives while in Nghe a free eat told his household members compensation capable of handling $50,000 to smugglers.

      Nguyen Dinh Tu already been one gurus. He has been managing illicitly in Romania not to mention uk in front of he last spring cleared $18,000 at a smuggler to reach the uk. your boyfriend’s better half, Hoang Thi Thuong, healed arrange the bucks and he or she has never heard from your guy because of the fact tuesday. this is usually a space which is where prospects could certainly engage collectively along with environment associates. neo leads can read since kind views but nonetheless,but nevertheless,on the contrary will struggle to engage with them in the slightest.

      join join annotate individuals have counselling I need to subscribe?

      introducing entire world and therefore Mail’s feedback social. this space on which online subscribers will probably engage jointly and / or modern world employee. not for purchasers can see moreover variation observations nonetheless,however it will struggle to engage them in both instances.

      i am a copy client, connect to an profile subscribe to provide feedback conventional therapy I need to subscribe?

      you are welcome to planet and as a consequence Mail’s short review local community. here’s a space during which customers may engage with the other person and even community personnel.

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      spanish Baroque Art

      Volume offers entirely new research on women acquisition and exercise of literacy, On conventual reading and writing, And on the cultural representations of women literacy. Together the essays reveal the truth be told broad range of pedagogical methods and learning experiences undergone by early modern women in Spain and beautiful lady in spanish the New World.

      Contributors to this collection explore the abundant writings by early modern women to disclose the extent of their involvement in the culture of Spain and the New World. They investigate how women poets, novelists, And nuns applied their education both to promote literature and to challenge the male dominated hierarchy of church and state. moreover, They streamline how women whose writings were not considered literary also took part in the gendering of Hispanic culture through letters and autobiographies, Among several more means, And on how that same culture depicted women education in the visual arts and the literature of the. Early modern Habsburg Women: Transnational Contexts, Cultural disputes, Dynastic Continuities. modified by Anne J. Cruz and nancy Galli Stampino. Ashgate, 2013.

      The first thorough volume devoted entirely to women of both the Spanish and Austrian Habsburg royal dynasties spanning the sixteenth and the seventeenth centuries, This interdisciplinary collection illuminates their complex and often unclear political functions and their interrelations across early modern national borders. The essays in this volume consider the lives of six Habsburg women who, As a queen consort and queen regent, Duchesses, the perfect vicereine, when a nun, Left an indelible mark on the diplomatic and cultural map of early modern Europe. Contributors examine the national and transnational impact of these notable women through their biographies, And explore how they copied their cultural, faith based, And political heritage as the women moved from one court to another. ( Through archival papers, Pictorial and famous accounts, literature, And distance learning, rrn addition to cultural artifacts such as paintings, bracelets, And attire, This volume brings to light the impact of Habsburg women in the broader beautiful, politics, And ethnical contexts. The essays fill a scholarly need by embracing various phases of the lives of early modern royal women, Who often struggled to sustain themselves loyalty while at the service of a foreign court, Even when guarding and preparing their heirs for rule at that same court.

      3. Guardianship, issue, And the the aristocracy in Early Modern Spain. grace E. Coolidge. Ashgate, 2013. Isabel Clara Eugenia: Female Sovereignty in the Courts of the city and Brussels. edited by Cordula van Wyhe. Centro l’ordre de Estudios Europa Hisp 2012. She comes alive not only as a historical person on the broader diplomatic stage of early modern European politics but also in the precise visual, Devotional and ritual medical practices, Which underpinned woman’s sovereignty. Lesbians in early Modern Spain. Sherry Velasco. Vanderbilt or even Press, 2011.

      This first in depth study of female homosexuality in the Spanish Empire for the time scale from 1500 to 1800, Velasco presents so many riveting examples that reveal widespread contemporary interest in women intimate relations with other women. Her sources include literary and old texts featuring female homoeroticism, areas on convent life, physicians treatises, municipal and Inquisitional cases, as well dramas. She has also uncovered a number of revealing cases from the period. the ladies in these accounts, rumors, And cases range from internationally famous transgendered celebrities to lesbian criminals, From those suspected of romances in the convent to ordinary villagers. Velasco argues that the diverse and recurrent representations of lesbian desire provide compelling evidence of how different groups perceived intimacy between women as in addition to specific sex acts. At times these narratives describe complex personal associations and occasionally characterize these women as being of a certain suggesting an early modern precursor to what would later be recognized as divergent lesbian, Bisexual, And transgender details. The Woman Saint in the spanish Golden Age Drama. captain christopher D. Gasc Bucknell higher education Press, 2006.

      education] Examines the various ways in which men and women dramatists present the figure of the ascetic woman in seventeenth century Spanish theater. Playwrights depict her not only as the solitary initiate of a rite of passage, striving to purify herself to approach the divine, But they also target the clash between ascetic practice and the desire of family, Suitors, And patriarchal their communities. She may appear as both a forbidden fruit and Christ figure who is actually persecuted, Scapegoated, And completed by a fearful society. Ritual models such as liminality, sacrifice, And communitas mediation guide the design of this complex figure, Who marks the site of contention where worldly and ascetic values struggle for power over each play Counter Reformation discourse Exemplary Tales of Love and Tales of Disillusion. mar de Zayas y Sotomayor (1590 m. 1661

      ?). Edited and translated by Margaret R. Greer and electronic Rhodes. The as well as college of Chicago Press, 2009.

      the peak of Mar de Zayas popularity in the mid eighteenth century, cellular phone editions in print of her work was exceeded only by the novels of Cervantes. But by the end of the nineteenth century, Zayas had been excluded from the Spanish literary canon by reason of her gender and the sociopolitical changes that swept Spain and Europe. Exemplary Tales of Love and Tales of Disillusion gathers a representative sample of seven stories, Which features Zayas signature topics equality and domestic pretty spanish girls violence in an impassioned tone overlaid with traditional Counter Reformation ideology. Tracing her slow but steady go farther from notions of ideal love to love treachery, Exemplary Tales of Love and Tales of Disillusion will restore Zayas to her rightful put in place modern letters.

      8. Gendering the Crown in the real spanish, real spanish,simple spanish Baroque Comedia. mar Cristina Quintero. Ashgate, 2012.

      Baroque Spanish stage is brimming with virile queens and feminized kings. This study examines the diverse ways in which seventeenth century comedias engage with the discourse of power and rulership and how it relates to gender. The comedia preoccupation with kingship together with its obsession with the advice of women (and women bodies) Renders problem of royal subjectivity inseparable from issues surrounding masculinity and femininity. taking into consideration theories of performance and performativity within a historical context, this research investigates how the themes, photographs, And language in plays by Calder and his contemporaries reveal a richly paradoxical visualization of gendered monarchical power. Warnings to the Kings and Advice on fixing Spain. scar de Guevara (m. 1683). Edited and translated by Nieves Romero D The school of Chicago Press, 2007.

      A pivotal reason for Spanish history, Aristocrat scar de Guevara (? Produced two radically different essays that appealed for strong leadership, Protested political data corruption, And demanded the inclusion of women in the court making decisions. Gave Philip IV practical ideas for fighting the war against Portugal and counseled the king to be, Charles II, On ways of raise the country status in Europe. This annotated bilingual edition, Featuring Nieves Romero D adroit translation, Reproduces Guevara polemics for the first time. Guevara provocative writings call on Spanish women to bear the duty equally with men for restoring Spain power in Europe and elsewhere. the product range also includes examples of Guevara shorter writings that exemplify her ability to speak on matters of state, multilevel with dignitaries, And govern family relationships. humorous, ironic, And rhetorically complex, Guevara essays provide a fresh perspective on the probabilities for women in the public sphere in seventeenth century Spain. Spanishbaroqueart).

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