• How do I do Cruise Intervals?

    Hello Gale,

    I am a little confused on your cruise interval run workouts in the triathlon training plan.  In the  pre-activity comments it says to do 4-5 x 5-minute intervals with a 2-minute rest in between. 

    I was wondering if am I supposed to do these at Zone 4 - Zone 5a segments before my main run, or am I supposed to do as many intervals as I can for 1 hour? Thanks, G. F.


    Good question, G.F. You can find more information in the free download documents in the “shorthand for intervals section.” That written, let me answer your specific question.

    From your description, it looks like the workout is an hour long. So, first do a warm-up at mostly Zones 1-2. Around 15-20 minutes is fine and you can include a few 30-step accelerations to roughly 10K pace if you’d like.

    Then do 4 or 5 repeats of 5 minutes at Zone 4 to 5a (I recommend beginning conservatively). So, start your timer and slowly work your way into Zone 4 on #1. The timer marks the start of increased pace, heart rate will catch up later. Then recover with 2 minutes of easy jogging (mostly Zone 1) before beginning the next interval. What you will notice is that your heart rate will respond faster as the set goes on. (That's why you want to begin conservatively.) You're aiming to get a "best average" pace for a Zone 4 to 5a heart rate "cost." You should find this pace is right around 10k pace.

    If you do 5 repeats - then the total time for the set is 35 minutes. With a 15-minute warm-up, you're left with 10 minutes to cool down.

    Hope that helps ~


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