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  • How does Garmin calculate percent grade?

    On a recent mountain bike ride, a couple of us with Garmin devices began to wonder how percent grade is determined by the device. Through a local contact, I was able to go directly to the design source, Jared Bancroft, PhD – Sensors & Algorithms Team Leader. Here is what Jared told me: Grade is responsive to the slope of the trail or road.  It relies on the distance as determined from GPS and the barometric altimeter sensor.  Basically, it’s a ratio of the change in altitude over distance traveled. The longer the distance, the more averaged the grade is. ...

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  • On-the-bike strength training workout

    When I assemble training plans for triathletes, cyclists and mountain bikers there are times when I want a primarily aerobic workout; but I want an on-the-bike strength training load. I like this workout to be done on a hill, because it is easier for the athletes to keep power high and heart rate in the aerobic zone. I did this type of workout myself yesterday. Before looking at my training file, first you need to know my training zones. The zones are calculated using the table in Training Plans for Cyclists. Power Zones - Watts Zone 1 0 101 Zone...

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