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  • Don’t Get Fooled Again – Can the brain only use glucose?

    In this second installment of the Don’t Get Fooled Again series is a statement about the brain. A statement made recently in a column written for long-distance endurance athletes: The brain is completely dependent (100%) on sugar as its main fuel.  (True or False?)   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ False.  The brain can also use ketones. In fact, as much as 70% of the brain’s energy needs can be supplied by ketones. Research has shown that ketone energy supplied to the brain is more efficient than glucose. Ketogenesis, or the production of ketones by the body, occurs in a few different scenarios. Ketones...

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  • Does Nutritional Ketone Supplementation Improve Athletic Performance?

    I have written about the advantages of changing to a higher fat diet and how many athletes, including myself, have been able to reduce supplemental nutrition during racing. This supplemental nutrition has been in the form of carbohydrate drinks, chewable gels, commercial bars and homemade foods. More recently, people have begun to question whether or not using supplemental/dietary ketones (sometimes referred to as exogenous ketones) is an advantage for athletes. I was able to find one study in Cell Metabolism that examined nutritional ketone supplementation. The study was interesting in that researchers designed five studies within one umbrella study. Depending...

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