• Gale Bernhardt Training Plans: Mountain Biking To The Max!

    It's really hard to try and shoot for a 100-Mile mountain bike race, but we greatly respect the men and women that want to pursue this hefty mission. That's why we have devised the perfect training program, which has been proven to work, time and time again! This particular Gale Bernhardt training plan is setup to benefit the most avid of riders, and potentially help you reach the 100 mile mark in under 10 hours. We'll start off shooting for under the 12 mile mark, but shoot for achieving the advanced rider mark of under 10 hours. This specific Gale Bernhardt training plan takes mountain biking to the max, making it one of the most desired training plans we have. 

    Before you even begin this mountain biking training program, you need to be riding five to six hours a week consistently. This way, you'll be able to start off at the level that we've assumed you are capable of riding at. This level pertains to an average we've taken when we've examined hundreds of riders under different conditions. We want your goal to be a goal of competing at a median level of competition at a 100 mile race. 

    You'll need to incorporate some strength training with our program in order to make sure that you have enough power to power through those hard turns, upward climbs, and brake on steep banks. This 100 Mile Bike Race Training Program, Level 1 Cyclist is only $67.45, which has been discounted recently. We hope you'll enjoy the program and all its beneficial features! 

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