• Is the Triathlon Base Period 3.75 to 8.25 Training Plan a Good Way to Get Back in Shape?


    Good Afternoon Gale,

    I just purchased your plan called Triathlon: Base Period (Winter, Off-Season) 3.75 to 8.25 hrs/wk. I didn’t find information on the strength workouts or the file for the Heart rates, intervals, etc. Can you send me this information?


    I will be doing Ironman Mont Tremblant next August 2015 and want to use this as my base to get back into working out, because I haven’t done much in last year and a half. I did my first Ironman before that. Do you think this is a good way to start?


    Thanks for your support and look forward to using your training plan to guide me.






    Hello J.H.,


    Thank you for purchasing one of my training programs. Sorry the link for supporting documents didn't come through, I will attach a pdf file to this email. 

    I think the base program is a good way to start getting your fitness back. If at any time you find the hours are too much or the intensity is high for your current fitness level, don't be afraid to cut them down. You have enough time before the race to cycle through the plan twice. It's better to do that then to do too much upfront and get injured.


    Keep me posted on how it goes for you.



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