• Comparing Energy Bars and Foods

    An Ironman® athlete I am currently coaching was diagnosed with metabolic syndrome. The doctor he worked with to lose some weight (before coming to me) recommended one of the foods he considers for long distance training and racing is Uncrustables®.  She liked this product because it is convenient, comes packaged like a bar and is easier to swallow than many traditional bars. She also mentioned they are a good balance of quick, intermediate and slow releasing calories.  

    Learning about what foods work for my current Ironman® athlete sent me on a journey of charting various bars that I, and my athletes, have used over the years. The chart you see lists some of these bars, though it is far from complete. Some of the bars on the chart (click on the chart to make it bigger) are used for shorter events (3 hours and less) while other bars are used for longer days on the bike or on the ski slopes.

    I was surprised by some of the numbers revealed on the chart. Some bars were much higher in sugars than I expected, while other products I expected to be high in sugars were not. This is a great, handy reference for me and I hope you find it interesting too.

    Coach Gale Bernhardt


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    • Gale Bernhardt says...

      BRAAP added to the chart now.

      On January 09, 2015

    • Gale Bernhardt says...

      I had a super good question on this. “Aren’t carbs the same as sugar?” Here is a great reference link to help you out:…/nutritio…/carbs_versus.html

      On January 09, 2015

    • Alan says...

      Where are the BRAAAP bars in comparison? Thanks!

      On January 09, 2015

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