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  • Don’t Get Fooled Again – Vegetables are not carbohydrates.

    The fourth installment in the Don’t Get Fooled Again series is a two-part statement. So you need a true or false about each statement: Vegetables are not carbohydrates. (True or False?) Bread is a carbohydrate. (True or False?)       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Vegetables are not carbohydrates. (True) Bread is a carbohydrate. (False) A vegetable is a plant or some part of a plant. Bread is a processed product made from grains and other ingredients. That process can be done at home or by a big manufacturer. All vegetables contain carbohydrates (carbs), because carbs are produced during the photosynthesis, or the...

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  • Comparing Energy Bars and Foods

    An Ironman® athlete I am currently coaching was diagnosed with metabolic syndrome. The doctor he worked with to lose some weight (before coming to me) recommended one of the foods he considers for long distance training and racing is Uncrustables®.  She liked this product because it is convenient, comes packaged like a bar and is easier to swallow than many traditional bars. She also mentioned they are a good balance of quick, intermediate and slow releasing calories.   Learning about what foods work for my current Ironman® athlete sent me on a journey of charting various bars that I, and...

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