• How can I easily move your 70.3 triathlon training plan forward one day?


    Hi Gale,

    I have just bought your 70.3 beginner triathlon training plan and loaded it onto  my TrainingPeaks account. I would like it to start on a Sunday, not a Monday as Sunday is my day off. I cannot seem to do it. I have the premier edition of TrainingPeaks. Can you please let me know how to do it?




    Hi Toby,

    First, thanks for using one of my training plans to help you succeed.

    In the plan, Sunday tends to be a big workout day - so I'm not sure you want to move the entire plan by a day. Before changing anything, take a look at the "print" version. Look at the details of the weekly workouts and decide if you really want to push the entire plan forward one day. I also suggest people print out a copy of the original plan before making changes.

    Assuming you do want to make the move, TrainingPeaks premier has a great feature that allows a good deal of flexibility. Notice that there are tiny lines on the upper right side each day in the calendar view. If you select those lines, a pop-up box appears and one option is "shift." Select this option.

    The shift option allows you to move:
    - items on selected days
    - items within a specified date range
    - items on and after a specified start date

    It asks how you want to shift the items:
    - move to a new start date
    - move by a specified number of days
    - move by a specified number of weeks

    I think this will get you what you need.

    Best wishes on your training journey, keep me posted how it goes ~

    Coach Gale

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