• 15 Winter Fitness Secrets


    Someone asked me what my secrets are to keeping fitness during the winter months so I can enjoy mountain biking come summer months. I don’t really have any secrets – but – I do things that, perhaps, seem counter-intuitive and other people don’t do. In no particular order, here are items I believe contribute to my winter fitness:

    1. Alpine skiing
    2. Sunday group ride and Estes once per month
    3. Running with my dogs
    4. Indoor riding
    5. Miracle Intervals
    6. Easy road riding
    7. Strength training
    8. Swimming
    9. Nordic Skiing
    10. Enjoyment - Fun
    11. High octane foods around 80% of the time
    12. I set myself up for success
    13. Flexibility
    14. Commitment
    15. Consistency

    Over the next few blogs, I’ll give you more detail about the items on the list – why I think they help me and some takeaway thoughts for how you can make use of the strategies.

    Let me begin with #10 – Enjoyment/Fun. All of the physical activities on the list are enjoyable for me in one way or another. In all cases I like the activity, how I feel during and after the exercise – most of the time. Of course there are days when it's harder to get started, but once I'm done I'm always glad I got out the door. In addition to the activity itself, I enjoy the other people that have come into my life through these activities. They are fun, motivating and all-around great people.

    Takeaway: Find activities you enjoy and other people that enjoy those activities too. Finding happiness in exercise and a strong support system is critical for long-term fitness success. If you can't find a group you enjoy, assemble your own. Recruit buddies to join you on adventures.

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