• Training through menopause – suggestions?

    Q.    I have worked with a coach and saw steady gains in my power and endurance after coming to the sport of cycling a little late in life.  Then I hit a brick wall called menopause.  After a year of trial and error to figure out how to keep improving and not lose ground I am stumped.  The changes in my hormones have caused a serious lack of endurance, a small weight gain, and I never know if I will be able to finish a long ride or race competitively because my energy levels are completely unpredictable.  To say that I am frustrated is a huge understatement. 

    So as I go into the winter season ( I live in the mid-West) where I will spend significant time (9-12 hours a week) on the trainer and in spin classes I am hoping to get it right and find the best training program for me.  Do you know anyone who has done research on this topic?  Do you have any recommendations on books to read or sources who have successfully dealt with this issue?  Times have changed and more women want to remain athletic and competitive past their forties.  Or like me, get into a sport later because we finally have the time to devote to it and ourselves.  Hopefully someone is figuring out the best way to fight thru this and come out the other side stronger and better than we were before and I want to find those people.

    Any insight or contacts you can pass along would be extremely appreciated.


    A.  Hi DW,  Best I can tell, it’s not a specific training plan that will help you. The major issue to work out is the hormone balance. It is interesting that some women have very minimal issues, while others are plagued by the problems you describe. Those that I know that have resolved the issues have found help from one or more of the following:

    • Ob-Gyn Doctor
    • Naturopathic Doctor
    • Acupuncture
    • Nutrition/Diet habit changes (more whole foods, less processed foods)

    Any of my readers that can give some helpful tips are more than welcome to contribute in the comment section.

    Stay well, Gale

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