• Training Consistency Trumps All

    I often get asked the questions:

    “What is the best exercise I can do for strength training?”

    “What is the best interval workout for swimming, cycling or running?”

    “What is the best training plan to make me faster next season?”

    The single best thing you can do between now and March 1 of next year is having consistency in your training. Design a training plan that is not too little, not too much, but just right for you – to allow for consistency. This is much better than a training plan for your cycling or triathlon goals that is too ambitious and leaves you quitting or worse injured.

    You don’t have to increase weekly training hours. You can keep hours consistent, but manipulate workout particulars over the course of weeks.

    Once you’re laid out a plan, use a training journal to keep on track.

    For ideas you can see training plan layout in my books and individual online training plans.

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