• Why do you do the” crazy” things you do?

    I’ve been known to do some things (usually endurance sport related – swimming, cycling, running, hiking, etc.) in the past, and I can guarantee there will be more in the future, that by some people’s standards are “crazy.” Other people find these adventures inspiring.

    I’m aware there is often a fine line between grand adventure and crazy adventure.

    Someone recently asked me, “Why?”

    There isn’t a single reason why, but many. I’ll give my partial list; maybe you recognize a few of these on your own list?

    • I do things because I’m not always sure I can pull it off. This does put some level of excitement and intrigue into the adventure.
    • I admit to getting personal satisfaction out of doing things other people are unwilling to try. I think, quite frankly, some people simply sell themselves short and they could do the things I do. Note I didn’t say they could “easily” do the things I do – but I’m convinced they could indeed pull it off.
    • I take pleasure in completing things that aren’t easy. I’m not sure why, I just do.
    • I like feeling grateful. It is pretty typical for me to recognize that I am one lucky dog during said adventures. It is a great privilege to swim, cycle, run, hike and walk in some of the great locations I’ve visited or even those I frequently visit.
    • Triathlon, cycling, mountain biking, running and hiking activities and races have connected me with some really great people. I like being around people that are inspiring and push me to stretch my capabilities. Plus, most of these people are just darn nice.
    • There is pleasure in the pain. Yes, many of these adventures have a certain amount of pain and suffering associated with them. It might be endurance suffering or the pain of attempting to go fast. This pain is boundary testing and is often real-time evidence that on the other side of that discomfort is the pleasure of achievement.
    • I take comfort knowing I can work past being a crabby pants. There are moments in all grand adventures when it is no longer fun. I wish it was finished right then. But, it’s not. If I keep talking to myself, I know I can coach myself past the phase of crabby. On the other side of crabby is dogged determination. I like that in sport and in life.

    How about you? Why do you do crazy adventures?

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