• A recent study finds coffee is associated with improved sports performance in men and women

    When you read the column title, you might think to yourself, “Well duh! We’ve known that for a long time!”

    Not so fast.

    A very high percentage of scientific studies have been conducted on men only. The reason for this past behavior is that scientists didn’t want to make the study results more difficult to interpret due to a woman’s monthly hormone fluctuations.

    Thankfully, more scientists are using women in their studies and figuring out how to consider monthly hormone fluctuations. After all, women have to adjust and consider monthly cycle changes for some 40 years of their lives.

    When you look at the results of any study, take a look at the participants and study sponsors. Are the participants only men? Only mice? Only sedentary and obese people? Who sponsored the study, what do they have to gain?

    High-quality media outlets will accurately report study findings and potential study flaws. For the particular study I mentioned in the title, the findings came across my newsfeed as a news release. While I’m not surprised at the results because we’ve known that caffeine is an ergogenic aid for a long time, it makes me somewhat skeptical of the study when I see so many study-sponsor references in the release.

    I’ll look for more details when the study is available on PubMed and I’ll look for future studies on the same subject. I’ll keep you posted.


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