• Basic Home Strength Training Program for a Wide Range of People


    One of my cycling buddies, Alan, asked me if I knew of an at-home strength training or exercise program that is appropriate for his mother that has peripheral neuropathy.

    Yes, I do!

    The very basic strength training plan in this blog post is for anyone just beginning an exercise program. With the Coronavirus, many people are homebound looking for some exercise help. This is a great start.

    Here is the list of exercises you will do and why:

    1. Chair squat. Maintains leg strength and the ability to get yourself on and off the toilet.
    2. Step-up. Further maintains leg strength and the ability to climb stairs.
    3. Wall chest press. Works on upper body strength, helping balance the muscles we all use too much working at a computer. Also helps with core strength.
    4. Abdominal crunch. Works on core strength – primarily abdominal.
    5. Bent-over raise. Works on core strength – the lower back.
    6. Single-leg stand. Works on balance.

    For exercises 1 through 5, I pulled pages directly from the book “Become a Fat-Burning Machine.” There are more exercises in the book and also training plans if this blog post isn’t enough for you. Also know I have not taken the time to do editing for all the photos. I just wanted to get this information out for Alan.

    Exercise 6 is one I added to the mix for my own parents. I wanted them to work on balance to help prevent falls.

    The first photo includes general instructions for each exercise session. When you’re just beginning, plan to do these exercises two or three days per week. You can maintain or progress from there. Click on any image to make it bigger. Use Esc to make it small again. 


    1. Chair squat

    1. Step-up (use any step you have at home - begin with a step that has a rail next to it for balance.)


      1. Wall chest press




        1. Abdominal crunch



          1. Bent-over raise



            1. Single-leg stand. (I don't have a photo for this one.) After you have completed the bent-over raise exercises, remain standing next to the table. Stand on one leg and use the table to help you with balance until you are able to stand on one leg without touching the table. Begin by standing on one leg for a count of 10. Switch legs. Repeat this sequence three times. As you gain strength and balance add time until you can stand on each single leg for 30 seconds without touching the table.

              I hope this easy at-home program helps you or your loved ones. Let me know if you have questions. 

              PS...Amazon has great deals on the book, hardcover or e-version.




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