• Nimrahc Series Race Report


    "I’m a little disappointed and embarrassed by my overconfidence, but it does inspire me to train for a better performance next time.”

    It was not the first time I assigned myself a podium position before beginning a race. But the result was the worst – I logged a DNF (did not finish) within minutes of the start. My only hope is to improve within the series.

    I read the first event materials and saw my age group had an early start – 7:00 am. Yay! I love an early start and for a bonus, I’m in the first couple of years of the new age group. My past results have been good when I’m new to an age category and to boot, the age group was large.

    I left the house at 6:50 am, as the venue is close to where I live. My first indication of trouble was two blocks away from the event, there was a line of cars waiting for the turn lane. As I made the turn into the parking area, I was stunned that the lot was nearly half full – it’s only 6:55 am! Naively, I did not expect this situation.

    I gathered my reusable event equipment and decided to walk to the start line area. With each step, I grew more aware that I completely underestimated the competition. I could see the queue of people with shopping carts across the front of King Soopers, wrapped around the side of the building. No end in sight.

    Standing on the median watching my life-savvy and wily competitors move toward the store, I noticed my mom sitting in their car, waiting for my stepdad. She was happy to see me. We spoke from a distance through the open car door.

    By this time, the cart line had begun to move and about 30 people without carts began to congregate – 6 feet apart – at the door. I asked Mom, “Where’s Bob?”

    “Oh, I think he’s in the store. He was in line at or before 6:40 am. He was maybe tenth in line.”

    We chatted for awhile and watching the line move in a slow and orderly manner, I decided I would get back in the car and go home. Surely by the time I got into the store, all paper goods that I wanted would be gone. Our house isn’t in an emergency situation yet, so I have some time to better prepare for the next race.

    Once in the car I called my husband, “I just got my ass kicked by the 80 +/- crowd. I was confident I would get into the store and score some Charmin, but I underestimated the competition. I’m a little disappointed and embarrassed by my overconfidence, but it does inspire me to train for a better performance next time.”

    I’ll be ready for the next race in the series. I am determined to stand victorious with toilet paper above my head…


    Image by Gerd Altman by Pixabay

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