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  • Tough Love Advice for Leadville 100 Training and Racing

    In yesterday's blog I gave a race recap from the 2014 race and mentioned I would follow-up with a frank discussion about training and racing the Leadville 100. Before starting into training and racing points, it's worth mentioning that in a previous blog, I listed training resources available for the Leadville 100, including a course description, key training elements, an interview with Dave Wiens, and a few other links to help you on your training and racing journey. I will say that in the resource blog, I did omit two columns: Altitude Training for Athletic Success: Part 1 and Part...

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  • Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race and the 1,000 Mile Buckle

    This year marked my 10th Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race. My priority goals for the race were: Ride safe, stay upright and finish. Finish under 12 hours. Finish under 10 hours. You might read the list and have questions. For example, people would hear goal number one and say, "Of course you'll finish!" No. That's not a given. For this year, 2014, I had fitness equal to or slightly better than last year. My best time was last year at 10:01:19. Fitness on race morning, check. On Thursday prior to the race, I'm aware of one racer that overcooked a...

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