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  • Is it okay to modify the ready-to-use triathlon training plan?

    Q.  Hi Gale, Last week I started following your TrainingPeaks program "Triathlon: Base Period (Winter, Off-Season) Training". After the first week is almost done I noticed that the trainings that were an exact match to the training parameters are colored in green while shorter ones or longer ones are colored in red. Is it OK if I do a longer ride? For example even if here winter is quite nasty, there are still days when I can go out and do a 50-100km ride. I also like to train for future contests, but I also like riding just for the...

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  • Is the 12-Week Base Training Plan Followed by the 9-Week Triathlon Race Plan a Good Combination?

      Hi Gale - I have your book "Training Plans for Multisport Athletes."  I have been considering the Faster Olympic 24-Week Plan.  I completed a 70.3 last September and admittedly have done very little since.  I plan to start back up in January with my sights on a mid-June race.  My concern with the 24-week plan in the book is the total hours and arrangement of the workouts vs. what I can fit into my schedule.  I checked out TrainingPeaks and found your 12-week base plan (3.75-8.25 hours per week) and your Intermediate Olympic Plan that is 9 weeks long...

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  • Should I use heart rate or power in the triathlon training plan?

    Dear Mrs. Bernhardt, Greetings from Germany! I do have a question about your training plan, Triathlon: Base Period (Winter, Off-Season) Training, Phase 1: 4.75 to 9.5 hrs/wk - especially about the bike part . Unfortunately it's not clear for me, if the zones you describe in the cycling parts are power zones or heart rate zones. Example: Endurance - Z3. Should I stay in power zones 1-3, or heart rate zones 1-3? I am looking forward to your answers. S.S. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hello S.S. ~ By design, you can use heart rate Zone 3 or power Zone 3 if you have a...

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