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  • How to get back to lifting weights, a sample routine

       When the weather is nice enough to ride and run, it is tough for most endurance athletes to lift weights. I'm in that category. Last week, I realized it has been four-and-a-half months since I lifted weights. What?! How did that happen? Yesterday I forced myself to get back to the weight room and, like always, once there I was glad to be at it again. I usually use some variation of the exercises suggested on my supporting documents for triathlon and cycling training plans. I do add some balance exercises as well. I also like to add...

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  • Sleep deprivation impairs performance an average of 11%

    Most endurance athletes know that getting adequate sleep is important to top performance in training and races. At the same time, many competitive age group athletes are juggling careers, families, volunteer obligations and perhaps extended family care. Add the hours up for responsibilities and what remains is the daily budget for exercise, eating and sleep. It is not uncommon for busy endurance athletes to dashboard dine. That is, eating while driving or while doing work at a desk. This practice of distracted eating can lead to consuming too many calories, but that is another discussion. In my experience, a high...

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