• What I ate on race day (Fat-Burning Machine)

    In yesterday’s blog I noted that I raced the Firecracker 50 mountain bike race that took me 6 hours and 37 minutes. In a recent presentation, I was asked what I eat on race day. Before I give details on race day, I think it is important to know these two things:

    • Race day looks different than any other day (I will post details about normal Fat-Burning Machine days in future blogs.)
    • I have been following Fat-Burning Machine guidelines for about 17 months.
    • As you learned in a previous post, you must be fat-adapted to burn more fat during exercise. That means normally consuming a high fat diet. If I were consuming a diet that was in that 60-65% carb range, I don’t think I could fuel at such conservative rates and still feel good. The more carbs you eat, the more carbs you need to feel good. Vicious cycle.


    That written, here is what I consumed on race day:  


    2 scrambled eggs cooked in coconut oil

    ½-cup of full fat Fage yogurt

    ¼-bar Kate’s Grizzly Bar

    Coffee with heavy cream

    During the race (~75 calories per hour of racing)

    2 Clif Bloks (67 calories)

    5 x 16-ounce bottles of Skratch (Not sure how this was mixed as it was provided by the race, tasted lightly mixed, some bottles were only partially full and I only drank 80% of some bottles) (Estimating 225 calories)

    1.5 bottles of water

    3/4-bar Kate’s Stash Bar (202 calories)

    I felt fine during the entire race. Of course my legs were tired, but didn’t feel low on energy or crampy.


    About 8 ounces of chicken breast in a light sauce (prepared by the race)

    Tortilla chips (not sure how many)

    Bean dip

    Plenty of water

    1 Beer (yes, I do enjoy a beer now and then)

    1 serving of Chocolove dark chocolate, cherries and almonds

    Totals for the day (rough estimate): 42% fat, 18% protein, 40% carbohydrates

    For a big race day, the percentages above are pretty normal for me. In an upcoming posts I’ll share what “normal” days look like as well as big training days. I will also share why I make some of the choices shown in the logs. Finally, I’ve asked other Fat-Burning Machines that are endurance athletes to share their food logs.

    More to come!


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