• Are you training too much?

    If you’ve finished your first race of the season and your results were less than expected, perhaps you’re training too much? It is common for endurance athletes (triathletes, mountain bikers, cyclists and runners) to have a very high work ethic. A great work ethic is a good trait, but it must be tempered.

    Take a look at your training plan to see if training volume and intensity over the course of several weeks looks like a rolling course profile. There should be climbs and descents, or peaks and valleys. Resist the temptation to follow an ever-increasing volume and intensity program that lasts over some three or four weeks.

    Within your weekly plan, some workouts should include fast segments and others should be very easy. Avoid mono-speed for all workouts.

    Your plan should also include recovery blocks of some 5 to 10 days. How much recovery you need to absorb your previous training depends on your individual profile and training plan. In your recovery block be sure to keep some intensity in your program even  though you cut volume.  

    In the three days or so heading into your races, you should feel anxious and eager to do more training – don’t. If you don’t have this feeling before races, I suspect you’re doing too much.

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