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  • How many calories do I burn in a triathlon?

    Q. Hi Gale. ~ I weigh 150 pounds and I'm trying to figure out how many calories I burn when I complete a triathlon. I'm using triathlon training to help me drop some weight and live a healthier lifestyle. In advance, thanks for your help (if you have that kind of info). F. B.   A. Hey F.B. ~ I don't have a chart for your exact weight, but I do have charts for a 130-pound person and a 180-pound person. You can almost split the difference between the two charts to get pretty close. You can find the charts...

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  • Are you training too much?

    If you’ve finished your first race of the season and your results were less than expected, perhaps you’re training too much? It is common for endurance athletes (triathletes, mountain bikers, cyclists and runners) to have a very high work ethic. A great work ethic is a good trait, but it must be tempered. Take a look at your training plan to see if training volume and intensity over the course of several weeks looks like a rolling course profile. There should be climbs and descents, or peaks and valleys. Resist the temptation to follow an ever-increasing volume and intensity program...

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