• What’s more important to you a Strava KOM or a PR on race day?

    Yesterday I put out a tweet that said, “Small hint: If you are "killing it" on Strava segments and getting your fanny spanked in races, your training plan priorities are wrong.”

    This tweet had a huge number of responses on both email and Twitter. One person, @AndreLSD, made a comment that got me wondering what really is more important to athletes.

    I know that optimally you would have both; but if you could only have one, what is more important – a Strava KOM or a PR on race day?

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    • Greg says...

      if all you want is a KOM on Strava it’s easy just make a course no one else rides. There is always someone better and faster than you, But a PR on race day or even a big Strava ride, is great cause it’s all you, I don’t race any more but do enjoy beating one of my rides where ever it is located.

      On May 28, 2013

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