• Steps to upload a TrainingPeaks workout to TrainerRoad


    There are a few nuances to uploading a TrainingPeaks workout built with the structured workout builder to TrainerRoad. I experienced those nuances today and hopefully I can save you some time and/or frustration.

    1. The very first thing you must do is be certain you are running the latest version of Adobe Air. After downloading, in order for me to get it to save and work correctly, I had to right click on the file and run it as an administrator   (
    2. Then, download the TrainerRoad [Workout Creator] (
    3. The first two steps made TrainerRoad not work on my PC. AFTER doing steps 1 and 2 - in that order, if TrainerRoad is still asking you to download WorkoutCreator – just download TrainerRoad again and resave it.
    4. Log into your TrainingPeaks account. Go to the specific workout you want and open that workout. On the right side of the graphics showing the interval workout, there is an arrow pointing into a box. If you click on that box, a popup asks you which file type to export. Select ERG.
    5. Once the file has downloaded, go to your file download area. On Firefox, you can click the downward arrow on the top bar and that pops up a box containing all recent downloads. The file is named by the date of the workout and the first few letters of the workout description.
    6. Go back and open up TrainerRoad.
    7. Select “Workouts”
    8. Select “Create Workout”
    9. The screen that pops up gives a “Custom” option or “TrainerRoad”
    10. Be sure that “Custom” is selected.
    11. Go back to your file download area, select the erg file. Left click your mouse to hold, drag and drop the file into the Trainer Road Workout Builder – in the box directly below the words “Create Custom Workout”
    12. If the file doesn’t download, be sure that the .erg extension is all small letters. For me it was, but I did note on the instructions that caps on the erg file extension won’t work when downloading into TrainerRoad. If necessary, you can go edit the file extension and make the letters all small case.
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    • Danzu says...

      Any chance to do this in batch? I get my coach’s trainings in written and upload them one by one… Thanks

      On May 02, 2019

    • Stephen says...

      Thank you – super helpful – worked for my Mac perfectly!

      On November 04, 2018

    • Derek says...

      Hey, thanks for doing this. Really helpful

      On July 21, 2018

    • Brad says...

      Hello. Just wanted to thank you for posting these tips. Cheers, Brad

      On June 09, 2018

    • Ross Mason says...

      The instructions that are listed are for PC do you have instructions for MAC we are having trouble?

      On August 19, 2017

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