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  • How many calories do I burn in a triathlon?

    Q. Hi Gale. ~ I weigh 150 pounds and I'm trying to figure out how many calories I burn when I complete a triathlon. I'm using triathlon training to help me drop some weight and live a healthier lifestyle. In advance, thanks for your help (if you have that kind of info). F. B.   A. Hey F.B. ~ I don't have a chart for your exact weight, but I do have charts for a 130-pound person and a 180-pound person. You can almost split the difference between the two charts to get pretty close. You can find the charts...

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  • Cold water wetsuit swim tip

    If you’re competing in cold water, take a thermos of warm (not hot) water to the swim start with you. Just before zipping up your wetsuit, pour the warm water into the suit. With a layer of warm water next to your body, you don’t have to heat up the cold lake water that seeps into the wetsuit the first few meters. It is good to practice this in your triathlon training too.

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