• How many calories do I burn in a triathlon?

    Q. Hi Gale. ~ I weigh 150 pounds and I'm trying to figure out how many calories I burn when I complete a triathlon. I'm using triathlon training to help me drop some weight and live a healthier lifestyle. In advance, thanks for your help (if you have that kind of info). F. B.


    A. Hey F.B. ~ I don't have a chart for your exact weight, but I do have charts for a 130-pound person and a 180-pound person. You can almost split the difference between the two charts to get pretty close. You can find the charts below.


    130-Pound Triathlete


    180-Pound Triathlete


    You can find the formulas to do the calculations and the full column at this link.

    Best wishes on your journey to be healthy.

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