• Don’t Get Fooled Again – Vegetables are not carbohydrates.

    The fourth installment in the Don’t Get Fooled Again series is a two-part statement. So you need a true or false about each statement:

    Vegetables are not carbohydrates. (True or False?) Bread is a carbohydrate. (True or False?)





    Vegetables are not carbohydrates. (True) Bread is a carbohydrate. (False)

    A vegetable is a plant or some part of a plant. Bread is a processed product made from grains and other ingredients. That process can be done at home or by a big manufacturer.

    All vegetables contain carbohydrates (carbs), because carbs are produced during the photosynthesis, or the process used by plants to harness energy from sunlight and produce chemical energy.

    Carbohydrates are one of the three major macronutrients. The other two are fat and protein. Some experts say that water is the fourth macronutrient. Focusing on just carbs for this discussion, there are three main types: sugars, starches and fiber.

    The foods we eat have some combination of the three macronutrients and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). There are a few foods that are 100% of one of the macronutrients. Sugar, for example is 100% carbohydrate. Olive oil is 100% fat. Outside of manufactured protein powder, I can’t think of a natural food source that is 100% protein. Most animal sources of protein also contain fat and vegetable sources of protein contain carbohydrates.

    Another way to think about this is to consider the following statement:

                    Houses are bricks.

    Houses can be made of bricks (or not), but they are not bricks.

    This is a great topic, more on macronutrients later.

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