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  • Cyclist Wanting to Swim, Where do I Start?

      Q: I am primarily a cyclist and I would like to use swimming as part of my regular training for the winter. However, I have not idea what a swimming training session looks like. Can you provide me with some guidance? Should I just get in the pool and swim laps for 45 minutes? Do you do intervals? Do you set distance goals? How does this work? R.S. A: Excellent question, R.S. Swimming is a great cardiovascular cross-training exercise for cycling and it works the upper body, the torso, as well as the legs. You asked about just getting into...

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  • Lots of Workouts to Help Keep Your Training Plan Fresh

    I received great news that my trademark for the product concept of Workouts in a Binder® was renewed. You can find four different editions of this product on the website. The first product, Swim Workouts for Triathletes: Practical Workouts to Build Speed, Strength, and Endurance includes workouts for triathletes and swimmers alike. If you get bored doing the same sets over and over, check out this waterproof book (yes, take it to the pool deck!) to find 80 different workouts to help you go faster or farther. There are training plans included too. Also for swimmers is Workouts in a...

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  • Why do you do the” crazy” things you do?

    I’ve been known to do some things (usually endurance sport related – swimming, cycling, running, hiking, etc.) in the past, and I can guarantee there will be more in the future, that by some people’s standards are “crazy.” Other people find these adventures inspiring. I’m aware there is often a fine line between grand adventure and crazy adventure. Someone recently asked me, “Why?” There isn’t a single reason why, but many. I’ll give my partial list; maybe you recognize a few of these on your own list? I do things because I’m not always sure I can pull it off....

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