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  • How to start building your training plan for next season

      In my work with athletes seeking personal coaching, one of the things I ask them to do is to reflect back on the previous season. The second thing I ask them to do is look forward to next season. These two items help me assemble the foundation of the training plan heading into next season. With a few simple questions, we can set direction for the next race season while using information from the previous season. We use what worked well in the past season, while avoiding mistakes of the past. Perhaps these questions will help you too.  ...

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  • How to substitute mountain biking into the cycling base training plan

    Q:  Hi Gale, I am primarily a road racer. This past year I dabbled in mountain bike racing. I did enjoy mountain biking, but I have a long way to go to hone my skills. I used your Level II Cyclist Base Training Plan from your book, Training Plans for Cyclists last winter and it worked great. A couple of questions. First, is the plan I used last winter similar to the online plan titled "Cycling: Level II Cyclist, Base, (Winter, Off-Season) Training Plan, 4.25-10.5 hrs/wk?"   Secondly, I want to use the online version of that plan if workouts...

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  • Why do you do the” crazy” things you do?

    I’ve been known to do some things (usually endurance sport related – swimming, cycling, running, hiking, etc.) in the past, and I can guarantee there will be more in the future, that by some people’s standards are “crazy.” Other people find these adventures inspiring. I’m aware there is often a fine line between grand adventure and crazy adventure. Someone recently asked me, “Why?” There isn’t a single reason why, but many. I’ll give my partial list; maybe you recognize a few of these on your own list? I do things because I’m not always sure I can pull it off....

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