• Cold water wetsuit swim tip

    If you’re competing in cold water, take a thermos of warm (not hot) water to the swim start with you. Just before zipping up your wetsuit, pour the warm water into the suit. With a layer of warm water next to your body, you don’t have to heat up the cold lake water that seeps into the wetsuit the first few meters. It is good to practice this in your triathlon training too.

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  • Sometimes weather doesn’t cooperate

       You might have your race plan strategically laid out, training went well and then you get a glimpse of the weather forecast.    Rain.    Ugh.    Not a little rain, but rain the entire day. Ugh.    Roger Anderson had that exact scenario unfold at the Big Frog 65 last weekend. Rather than  wringing his hands and fretting about something he couldn’t change, we made plans for the possibility of bad weather.    We had light weight clothing options, warm fluid in the hydration pack and waterproof options like baggie corners over his toes, large latex gloves to...

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  • New Website!

     Welcome to the new website for Gale Bernhardt Consulting! Watch for blog posts to help you train and race to your full potential.   You can subscribe to news feeds for the blog at this link.

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